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Hakamata Y, Toyomizu M, Kikusato M

"Differences in breast muscle mitochondrial respiratory capacity, reactive oxygen species generation, and complex characteristics between 7-week-old meat- and laying-type chickens"

The Journal of Poultry Sciences

Hirakawa R, Nurjanah S, Furukawa K, Murai A, Kikusato M, Nochi T, Toyomizu, M.

“Heat stress causes immune abnormalities via massive damage to effect proliferation and differentiation of lymphocytes in broiler chickens”

Frontiers in Veterinary Science-Veterinary Infectious Diseases




Ali U, Naveed S, Qaisrani SN, Mahmud A, Hayat Z, Abdullah M, Kikusato M, Toyomizu, M. (2022) Invited Review "Characteristics of Essential Oils of Apiaceae Family: Their Chemical Compositions, in vitro

Sato H,Miura M, Fujieda T, Taciak M, Kikusato M, Sato K, Toyomizu M. "Growth performance responses to increased tryptophan supplementation in growing barrows fed three different very low crude protein

Phytobiotics to improve health and production of broiler chickens: functions beyond the antioxidant activity. doi:10.5713/ab.20.0842. Kikusato M. Anim Biosci, 2021, 34:345-353. Invited Review Possible

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